Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Drawing Challenge: I

Das heutige Thema der Drawing Challenge heißt: Ich. 
Ich habe mich für zwei Selbstporträts entschieden. Mein erstes und mein bisher letztes. Das untere Bild habe ich mit neun Jahren gemalt und das obere letzte Woche (einer der ersten Ölmalversuche). Ich finde, dass beide Bilder sehr verschiedene Charakterzüge von mir ausdrücken und fand die Bilder deswegen passend für diese Challenge.

Besuch auch die anderen Beiträge der dieswöchigen Drawing Challenge und den Blog der dieswöchigen Gastgeberin Patrice A

Today's Drawing Challenge topic: I.
I choose two self portraits. My first and my previous picture. The below picture I painted when I was nine years old and the upper one last week (one of my first oil painting tries). I think that both pictures show different features of me, so I thought this pictures could fit well in this challenge.

Please have a look at the other postings and at the blog from Patrice A., she is the host of the challenge this week. 


  1. wauw, when you were nine years old?....
    lovely self-portraits
    and nice to meet you!
    I keep looking at the pencil-drawing
    those big brown eyes
    so wise

    thank you for joining
    and sharing!

    Patrice A.

  2. wow that drawing you did when you were nine is really special I love the gaze you captured.
    Your oils are coming along arent they it takes a long time to master the medium its not easy so keep at it.....I love some of the brushwork you are achieving in the painting. IT has lovely texture and colour.


    Helen :)

  3. amazed by that 9 year-old, that's fantastic, beautiful and intriguing, a great combination.

    the oil, well, if this is one of the first tries, we are in for some surprises.

  4. {interesting progress in your more recent post by the way!}

    delighted to meet you.
    i join the sentiment, your 9-year-old looks strong and full of promise! great eyes!

  5. Hello Annelie,
    I am delighted from your selfportrait as a nine year old girl. Wonderful expression!
    And I think your are brave. Because of the oil... keep it up!

    Grüße von Ariane.